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Some nights I have successful dinners, with my children, and other nights I don’t. This was a success. Simple, somewhat healthy, and delicious. Figured I should start to document these as one day we as a family might like to eat this again.

Smokey sweet potato and chorizo quesadillas. I used a local butcher’s mexican chorizo. Slow roasted some sweet potatoes and add pimenton or Spanish smoked paprika and a little cheese, peppers, and onions. Done.

But all this stemmed from the jar a la chinata pimenton. I put it in a lot of things. Egg salad, devilled eggs, bbq. It’s a great pantry addition and can do so much with so little. Not surprising the spanish are taking over the world from a culinary standpoint.



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Where to go from here? And I am really unsure. The newest job is good. Good People, good Company, good pay,but no challenge. No fire, passion. No rush of adrenaline. I don’t miss the outrageous pressure, crazy owners, and never seeing my my wife and kids. But the food. Creating and playing. Coming up with that new idea/dish and getting that wow, a look of surprise and delight. My knives are going unused. I am cutting brunoise carrots for salad for shits. Just to do it. I actually miss quenelles, and swoosh, spoon pushes, and pairing down baby vegetables and seeing sexy perfect plates. I have dreams and not in the metaphorical sense, but actual dreams about cooking on a hot line, plating. It might be the break has lodged free a lot of what got stunted by being burnt out, and beat down.

Changes are on the horizon. Opportunity and a move to something new, an adventure. I mean really different.I hope this works out.

I am digging on a new way of eating at home. Eating healthier is actually helping to ease the cooking craving.

Tonights Dinner

Salad: Romaine, Tomatoes,Grapefruit, sherry-grapefruit mignonette

Main course: Ginger Soy Roast chicken and wokked vegetables

Two very different flavor profiles,Both delicious


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So this is my first post as a non restaurant employee. I am no longer “cheffing” if you could call it that. But either way I am no longer working in professional kitchens. I still remain working with food as a fish monger, not a fear monger.

So I am turning my talents to home cooking. There have been some successes and failures, mainly due to my children and eating vegetables, but I am having a blast and I look forward to posting a lot more. I am currently looking into to CSA’s for us. They are pretty intriguing and didn’t know if there are any suggestions. There are quite a few around Carrboro and all about the same price. Carolina Farm Stewardship has an immense list so any help in deciphering would be great.

On a side note, Anthony Bourdain”s new book “Medium Raw” is out. I have mixed emotions about Bourdain. I would like to read his book but I find myself disagreeing with him far too often.¬† That being said his expert from the book posted on Ruhlman’s blog is pretty spot on and feels like a direct shot at me, even though it isn’t. I hope anyone looking to be a chef or restaurateur reads this before continuing.

Mise en place

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It’s a very common saying in kitchens and can be used mildly or to an extreme. Everything in it’s place. Simple yet comprehensive. I learned a lot about the true meaning of this from Chef Scott Crawford and Chef de Cuisine Steven Greene at The Umstead Hotel. They have made me a better chef by leaps¬† . They took mise en place to an extreme, and in the best possible way. From your station being prepped for service to precisely cut little pieces of labeled green tape placed on the front right of a tightly (like window tight) wrapped sixth pan.It makes for an easy work environment because you know where everything is. No running around looking for saffron because some schmuck didn’t want to put it back where it belongs.

I try and bring this ideal to my new job. I have found it to be so important that even the tiniest of things being out of place are driving me bananas

So I write this as my first new post because I have all my mise en place for this blog in place. My blog roll and pictures and such and so forth. I look forward to where this will go.