Mise en place

It’s a very common saying in kitchens and can be used mildly or to an extreme. Everything in it’s place. Simple yet comprehensive. I learned a lot about the true meaning of this from Chef Scott Crawford and Chef de Cuisine Steven Greene at The Umstead Hotel. They have made me a better chef by leaps  . They took mise en place to an extreme, and in the best possible way. From your station being prepped for service to precisely cut little pieces of labeled green tape placed on the front right of a tightly (like window tight) wrapped sixth pan.It makes for an easy work environment because you know where everything is. No running around looking for saffron because some schmuck didn’t want to put it back where it belongs.

I try and bring this ideal to my new job. I have found it to be so important that even the tiniest of things being out of place are driving me bananas

So I write this as my first new post because I have all my mise en place for this blog in place. My blog roll and pictures and such and so forth. I look forward to where this will go.


~ by chefcolin1 on March 22, 2010.

One Response to “Mise en place”

  1. Congratulations the new Blog and of course the new job – but one thing, have you been sharpening your knives on a cinder block? 😉

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