So this is my first post as a non restaurant employee. I am no longer “cheffing” if you could call it that. But either way I am no longer working in professional kitchens. I still remain working with food as a fish monger, not a fear monger.

So I am turning my talents to home cooking. There have been some successes and failures, mainly due to my children and eating vegetables, but I am having a blast and I look forward to posting a lot more. I am currently looking into to CSA’s for us. They are pretty intriguing and didn’t know if there are any suggestions. There are quite a few around Carrboro and all about the same price. Carolina Farm Stewardship has an immense list so any help in deciphering would be great.

On a side note, Anthony Bourdain”s new book “Medium Raw” is out. I have mixed emotions about Bourdain. I would like to read his book but I find myself disagreeing with him far too often.  That being said his expert from the book posted on Ruhlman’s blog is pretty spot on and feels like a direct shot at me, even though it isn’t. I hope anyone looking to be a chef or restaurateur reads this before continuing.


~ by chefcolin1 on September 28, 2010.

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