Where to go from here? And I am really unsure. The newest job is good. Good People, good Company, good pay,but no challenge. No fire, passion. No rush of adrenaline. I don’t miss the outrageous pressure, crazy owners, and never seeing my my wife and kids. But the food. Creating and playing. Coming up with that new idea/dish and getting that wow, a look of surprise and delight. My knives are going unused. I am cutting brunoise carrots for salad for shits. Just to do it. I actually miss quenelles, and swoosh, spoon pushes, and pairing down baby vegetables and seeing sexy perfect plates. I have dreams and not in the metaphorical sense, but actual dreams about cooking on a hot line, plating. It might be the break has lodged free a lot of what got stunted by being burnt out, and beat down.

Changes are on the horizon. Opportunity and a move to something new, an adventure. I mean really different.I hope this works out.

I am digging on a new way of eating at home. Eating healthier is actually helping to ease the cooking craving.

Tonights Dinner

Salad: Romaine, Tomatoes,Grapefruit, sherry-grapefruit mignonette

Main course: Ginger Soy Roast chicken and wokked vegetables

Two very different flavor profiles,Both delicious


~ by chefcolin1 on February 1, 2011.

One Response to “Lost”

  1. So…your going to open up a Food Van???

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